A natural element, always taken for granted.

A vital element for all that is alive, always forsaken.

Fundamental to life and all living things, the human race with its level of knowledge and intellect has the responsibility of taking care of this natural wonder. As a modern civilization, we have failed on many levels, however, safe keeping water is not just something that can be forgotten while thinking that it will always be provided and present for our future generations to come. One day, people will have to go to length to find a bottle of clean water, or it will be so expensive that the vast majority will not be able to afford it.

Water has wings… If we continue this way, it will spread its wings and disappear from our lives and the surface of the planet.

In ‘Water Has Wings’, the subject in question is the volatility of available clean water focusing on the lack of care and attention to this natural wonder.  The lack of care and safekeeping of water has already had serious consequences all over Iran and it is time for things to change. Water Has Wings plays on the cultural
notion of Iran while linking it to the absolute need to stop the pollution of our water resources and the need to preserve and care for our clean water sources. The same way each Iranian is proud of their culture and heritage, they should be proud of taking a solid stance on changing their behavior towards one of the founding elements of life itself – water. In this piece, the link and comparison between every Iranian’s proud culture and heritage and the importance of adopting the same mindset towards water is the objective, changing the mind of the audience and hopefully developing a higher needed importance and a similar sense of proudness towards water.

Water Has Wings, Edition of 3: 80 x 120 cm, Luster Photo Paper, 2015

Water Has Wings 2, Edition of 3: 80 x 120 cm, Luster Photo Paper, 2015


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