The Age of energy

Displacement and reawakening

We live in a world today where feeling out of place, lost and disconnected with our true nature has become a normal state of being.

There are various reasons why people find themselves in these situations: traumatic events, family abandonment, war, exile, abnormal childhood, torture, emotional hurt, abandonment, just to name a few. All result in a feeling of spiritual displacement.

This is exacerbated in a world where so many are living far from their spiritual and physical homes, travelling or fleeing, or absorbed in a virtual reality and disconnected from the physical space and beings around them.

This often pushes one to choose a wrong path in life, leading to being out of harmony with oneself, wasting life on a day to day basis. People turn to medication and in worst cases, drugs, and go down the rabbit hole, worsening their current state.

Others turn their attention within and kickstart self-healing mechanisms already present in the mind and body. We all have the ability to heal ourselves; I know, I have done so. Health is life energy in great amounts.

It is vital to understand that any form of emotional hurt and displacement can be seen as an opportunity for a needed evolution. In this life, in this world, how a person understands life makes all the difference. Welcoming the sadness and pain, which displacement and disconnection can bring forth, is laying down in front of a hungry lion. A way to look at it is that if the subject in matter who is the cause of your displacement and pain is immoral, you therefore have the right to be free from it.

In the words of Ovid, ‘Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind and has given up worrying once and for all.’ Your mind is your biggest ally but can also be your worst enemy. Understanding the power of your mind while controlling its powerful abilities alongside your dormant energy will create a formula which is unique to each individual for life.

The experience of being out of place and displaced in life can widen the distance that separates us with life, and it is vital that we do not fall into this loop, as a connection to life in its purest forms will become impossible. We live in a world today where the majority of people have lost a necessary connection with their Selves. A simple example is when greed makes people forfeit the essence of life, blinding them from what is essential and disconnect them from themselves. They lose their identity and become drifting exiles. It is vital to get above this poisonous cloud which is always lurking in the corner.

Two major experiences in my life changed things for ever. The first one being a near death experience due to constant heartbrokenness, emotional drainage and feelings of abandonment due to past traumatic events, which resulted in my physical body and immune system giving up putting me in bed for two months leaving me to deal with extreme weight loss due to zero appetite, high fevers and depression.

I still don’t know what happened to me, I lost 25 kilos and nearly died. The second was to experience solitary confinement in one of the worst places on earth which pushed me beyond my own limits, triggering new mechanisms in my being, which allowed me to have deeper access to the energy banks tucked away in my Self, allowing me to start feeling and manipulate energy whilst understanding the patterns of a bigger language in place. This came out of hopelessness. I thought I was lost forever, but then found myself in one of the weirdest places on earth. Who would have thought? It is interesting to see how being in a 2 x 1 meter block in the dark with below zero temperature, no water and food for two weeks resulted in modifying my physical and mental behavior accessing new traits of character which was in a way already present in my being.

Being in extreme situations can brings forth a heavy baggage to be dealt with. To be able to rise these fragile yet important times in order to bring forth a needed human and spiritual evolution can and will be rewarding beyond measure. It is not easy but if done correctly, you will have access to a force powerful beyond measure. You befriend your mind, to better access your physical body, its dormant energy and light, to ultimately get out of your default state where you are operating at. In any form of exile, you have the power to transform your entire being into a superhuman. The connected, wise, kind, enlightened and the happy never get lost in life. They just better themselves by practicing life in ways that are yet unexplored by others. The feelings of abandonment will never be experienced until one feels forgotten. If you do not abandon yourself, you will never be lost in displacement.

We are powerful beings, with untapped knowledge and power. Power being energy – what we are made of and the most vital element in understanding ourselves. In dire states, practice solitude and silence and come to feel your real Self and you will be in awe of the vastness of your existence. Practice and attract love, kindness, care, belief and health and watch how in time you will take yourself into another realm, at the footsteps of your new evolved self. This takes practice and patience and once the entry way into this new realm is accessed, life will have a different meaning.

It is true that a healed heart will still burn at times, however, let it burn to push you towards an illuminated state of being and complete awareness.

A New Language: Energy

There is a fact that nature is constantly recreating you. When you hold onto old energy through your mind, feelings and thoughts, you are blocking nature’s recycling process as these aren’t physical. It is vital to let old energy go in order to create space for new energy. Energy that vibrates with your true intentions backed by kindness, care, love and positivity. We always need to practice visualizing new possibilities. When you focus on what you already know, you keep creating the same reality, therefore stuck in a loop. Have you ever felt that you can’t get out of the same cycle of thoughts and life events?

In this life, we always need to think in terms of energy and its vibrations. That is the key to unlocking the secrets of life. The connection between all of us and living beings as well as to the earth is a good first step in order to understand our true essence. There is a constant universal language at place and the more you practice energy rising rituals and become aware of your real identity, the closer you will get to understanding this language and match its frequency. We need to practice excellence in achieving a higher state of being to feel and control our energy and start speaking the language of life.

Reverse Entropy / Soul Expansion Into the Inner Realm

Once the soul is awakened entering the inner plane, entropy commences to decrease. The soul is nurtured by the source of creation, an infinite source which does not finish. This source always carries its own energy in a way that it never runs out of it. The soul is self-nurturing and is infused with the universal energy. Furthermore, the soul also nurtures the human self, acting as a bridge between the inner and outer realms.

I remember the first time I felt connected to the source of absolute energy, I felt that I activated a reverse mechanism towards order and balance. I felt that taking from the external world in order to keep my balance did not make any sense to me anymore, in a way that I understood that this one way taking from the external world with finite resources resulted in repeated imbalance in my Self and being. By connection to this absolute source, I was transformed as I was tapping into an infinite spiritual energy. Once I found this source of energy inside, I was able to feel that I was moving towards order, light and love in a natural way. It was as if I took a huge u turn without trying. It is important to understand that the inner realm has different laws than those of the physical/external world.

The soul achieves her individual and independence through a combination of embodying her own light and the light of universe. There is a need to get in line with this process in order to feel the soul on a different level. The expansion of the soul into the inner realm is the best way to describe this. To embody the soul while immerged in the inner realm. A realm which exists holding a different set of emotions, feelings and rules. To be able to control the soul’s actions in this inner world is truly a blessing – a continuation of one’s spiritual evolution.

Once the soul is awakened there is a relationship of love that never ceases to expand into higher states of love – an infinite energy that is continually arriving at increasingly higher conditions of empowerment, truth and divinity. The result of this is that we keep growing into higher and higher levels of perfection. This evolution from perfection into higher perfection is what can be called ‘reverse entropy’, hence intelligence evolves into higher intelligence, understanding is transformed into higher understanding, bliss is transformed into higher bliss, love is transformed into higher love, and perfection is transformed into even higher and unimaginable perfection.

*Entropy: lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.